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TEK Investment Group has been buying homes in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia for years. We now offer a program that allows you to “Sell My House Fast” to get the cash you need without having to list it on the market. 

We work with homeowners to ensure that the sale of your house is a stress-free experience. The benefit of selling to TEK Investment Group is that we put more cash in your pocket with our simple process. Go here to learn about our process →.

You will not have to pay any hidden fees, no commission, and best off all, we pay all closing cost. The “Sell My House Fast” program was created with you in mind. In as little as 48 hours, we can make an offer on your home. There is no need for a real estate agent, lenders, contractors or appraisers to be involved.

We give competitive offers and take out all the hassle that is typical with the traditional process of listing your house on the market.

Listing your house on the market, you must…

  1. Make expensive repairs and updates.
  2. Work with real estate agents and pay them a commission just to find a buyer. Compare Selling To TEK Investment.
  3. It may take weeks, or months before anyone even makes an offer on your home. That means weeks of people coming in and out of your home. We only require one visit to view the property to get a better understanding of the condition of the property.
  4. Leave your home for the day to accommodate open houses.
  5. Uncertain closing date.

You may not have the money it takes to get your home in the condition it needs, so that it can be listed on the market. When you choose the Sell Your House Fast program offered by TEK Investment Group, we buy your home “As Is.” You will not have to spend money on making repairs.

You may need to sell your home for the following reasons….

  1. Need to relocate due to a job offer out of state.
  2. Missed mortgage payments.
  3. Pre-Foreclosure/Foreclosure.
  4. Short-Sale.
  5. Facing an auction date.
  6. Divorce.
  7. Tax Lien.
  8. Code Violations.
  9. Costly Repairs.
  10. Inherited an unwanted property.
  11. Vacant Property that is bleeding cash.
  12.  Tenants that are not paying rent.

TEK Investment Group is prepared to offer cash for your home, so you can continue with your plans. This is a streamlined approach that can be the answer to a lot of issues you may be facing when wanting to sell your house fast. Plus, the “Sell My House Fast” program is set for the cash to be wired to your account right after closing. We give competitive offers and take out all the hassle that is typical with the traditional process of listing your home on the market.

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