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TEK Investment Group is a family-owned real estate business committed to helping homeowners like you find solutions. 14 years ago, when my father passed away, I had no idea what to do with his home. This was a stressful time for me. I was 26 years old, the only child, and I just inherited a property. I had no idea what my options were. Naturally we had an estate sale, to sell the items in the home. However, I let the home go to foreclosure. Shortly thereafter, we experienced the mortgage meltdown, and the property that I owned lost -$150,000.00 in equity. This is when I met a Real Estate Investor, that negotiated a short sale with my bank that prevented me from going to foreclosure, (which can stay on your credit for seven years). The bank took six months to accept the short sale offer. I was able to repair my credit and become a home owner three years after the short sale.

At TEK Investment Group, we assist homeowners like you get back on the path to financial freedom. If you have missed mortgage payments, short sale (negative equity), foreclosure, probate (inheritance), or tax liens, please give us a call at 571-248-1035. We specialize in buying homes fast, as-is, and in any condition. You will not be charged any fees and will not have to pay any closing cost. We can close at your leisure, and we offer cash.

How We Work With Homeowners

The process is simple. Complete the “Get You Fair Cash Offer” form to the right, and one of our Acquisition Specialist will give you a call. Or you can reach us by calling the number below. We look forward to speaking with you.

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